BIOSLUDGED movie trailer released: The Health Ranger’s stunning science investigation into “the greatest environmental crime you’ve NEVER known”

This year, I’ve commissioned a new series of investigative films called the “Censored Science” series from Natural News.

The first film, which we plan to release before the end of calendar 2017, is called “Biosludged.” Watch the trailer below and share with everyone.

“Biosludged” documents the astonishing science fraud being carried out by the EPA to legalize the mass pollution of America’s farm lands, school playgrounds and city parks with heavily contaminated industrial waste and human sewage.

We were forced to delay the announcement of this film until President Trump took office. I was warned that if I went public with the environmental crimes and fraudulent science of the EPA while Obama was still President, Natural News would be punitively targeted by the IRS to try to silence us. Now that Donald Trump is President — and rightly working to root out the extreme corruption, incompetence and fraud of the EPA — I can finally bring you this astonishing true report about what I call the “greatest environmental crime you’ve NEVER known.” The EPA has been complicit all along…

Our “Biosludged” film documents the EPA’s intimidation tactics to destroy and silence environmental scientists who attempted to blow the whistle on biosolids and the severe threat they pose to humanity.

Not surprisingly, the EPA has gone to great lengths to destroy the credibility of scientists who dared to tell the truth about the toxic heavy metals, chemicals and viruses found in biosolids (and spread on farm land).

Watch the trailer here and share with everyone. Read to stay informed on this topic. Visit for updates about the film and read Natural News for more updates on the unbelievable environmental crimes, fraudulent science, criminal corruption and incompetence at the EPA.



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